Weatherman Walking Bala - 4 hours + stops

Scenic Walk

Time: approximately 4 hours + stops
Distance: approximately 9 miles

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Start (SH 9293 3496): Either from the railway station at the Bala end of the Bala Lake Railway or the car park off the A494 at the Bala end of the lake.

Finish: Bala Lake Railway (SH 8804 3002) Llanuwchllyn

This is a delightful linear walk that unfolds to reveal its charm with each undulating twist and turn. On a clear day the 360° views from the summit of Moel y Garnedd are spectacular and rival any in the whole of Snowdonia.

Despite there not being many steep or lengthy climbs, this is quite a demanding walk. The terrain is very varied and includes sections of quiet country road, undulating farmland and boggy heathland. Needless to say, appropriate footwear should be worn particularly aft er periods of heavy rain.

Route fi nding can be tricky in places, but don’t be put off - there are yellow painted marker posts with yellow arrows on gateways and stiles along the whole lengthy of the route which should ensure that no-one gets lost. To be doubly safe of course, having a map and compass is also highly recommended.

As an added bonus the walk can be combined with a trip on the Bala Lake Railway. Trains run regularly throughout the summer months but less frequently at other times. So it’s best to check the timetable to be sure that they are running, and also to check the time of the last train of the day if that’s how you intend to return to the start of your walk.You could of course leave a car at Llanuwchllyn and start the walk by catching the train to Bala thus avoiding the possibility of missing the last train.There is also a bus service that runs between Bala and Llanuwchlyn throughout the year, but again it’s best to check the timetable before you set off , otherwise it’s an another six miles of roadside walking back to Bala on top of the nine or so miles already walked!

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